ExpressVPN's router firmware is free and completely replaces a router's existing firmware. It comes pre-configured with all of ExpressVPN's servers, as well as a 

Secure and privatize your internet devices. Follow the latest ExpressVPN router app updates here. Download or upgrade to the latest version today. May 26, 2020 This guide will show you what to do if you're unable to connect to your ExpressVPN router. To properly access,  With an ExpressVPN router, you don't have to remember to connect. Every device is secured, right from the source. And our Network Lock kill switch ensures  Apr 7, 2020 Learn how to use your ExpressVPN router to bridge devices to your wireless network. Get set up and enjoy secure connections in under 10 

Feb 15, 2020 ExpressVPN breaks the mold with their new custom VPN routers. Learn why the ExpressVPN Router is one of the top ways to enhance your 

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ExpressVPN Download: Express VPN is the fastest, most secure and easy to use VPN service. Works even in China. Available for Windows, iOS and Android. By default, the ExpressVPN router app firmware assigned itself the IP address, which is fine. If you are using another firmware such as Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Merlin, etc then you will likely need to change the default gateway IP from to 192.168.x.1, where x is a number between 1 and 255 that is different from any other routers or gateways in your network.